PLATO Business School
Tilburg The Netherlands

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6-12 Month
PLATO Mini-Master in Business Administration

Basic introduction to new economy business and management practices i.e. including the principles of the actual eco-innovative economy and how to cash out the new perspectives of circular business opportunities. With an online Mini-MBA Certificate (OMMBA) of PLATO Business School you will foster an understanding of the most important (new economy) functions of business and management.

If you are seeking an opportunity to gain or update your business skills in a variety of management-related areas, this new economy Mini-MBA course is ideal for you. We help you build a solid understanding of general business practice, regardless of your current level of education or business experience. We give you simple models for every subject that’s key to commercial success – from the basics of products and marketing to the nuances of teamwork and systems; its purpose all the way is to equip you with better knowledge of the world of business. All you need to know.

Duration: 6-12 months. The online Mini-MBA is a certificate program and is a non-credit-bearing course. There are no degree requirements for the program – it requires less than 100 hours of total learning and you can complete the programme at your own pace, anywhere and anytime using web-based technology; as long as you have a computer with access to the internet.

The online Mini-MBA programme consists of five separate modules
After each module you will get a series of individual quizzes (test questions) by e-mail. All modules must be successfully completed (i.e: questions must be answered) to receive a certificate of completion.

A total programme fee of € 495,00* will be charged to registrants. This fee covers the full programme costs including handling and sending your certificate of completion (for enrollment conditions see infosheet).

*) books not included, ex VAT – NB costs of Lit. (buy new) approx. € 200,00.

Dr. Paul Janssenweg
5026 RH Tilburg