PLATO Business School
Tilburg The Netherlands

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12 Month
Management Development Programme

PLATO is dedicated to the development of Small and Medium sized Enterprises: the12-month Management Development Programme (MD Programme) of PLATO Business School focuses on personal development, business support and networking. PLATO provides a suitable environment for owner managers to learn from one another and share their experiences at a three hour monthly meeting for 12 months. It also provides access to large company expertise and knowledge too. PLATO provides practical training, business counselling and support so that SME owners can acquire the skills necessary to help their business grow and prosper.

The PLATO Management Development programme is meant for the development of indigenous Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMES). Members typically employ 3-50 people, and have usually completed the start-up phase of development. It is a 12-Month Management Development Programme and offers owner managers a business support forum where they can network and discuss business ideas with established large ‘parent companies’. These parent companies (Janssen-Cilaq, Philips, DAF, Ericsson, ABN AMRO Bank, PWC, etc.) are leaders in their industry sectors and for PLATO they unite in a Triple Helix framework (Industry-University-Government) to foster a knowledge-based management development tool for economic growth.

The aim of PLATO MD is to:
- Promote the successful development of indigenous SMES
- Provide a safe and confidential forum for owner/managers to develop their businesses and their management skills
- Facilitate sharing of experiences and resources
- Encourage networking and business development
- Promote partnerships with parent companies / participants

and providing SME owner managers with:
- 1 to 1 Mentoring support
- Facilitated group learning / training seminars
- Specialist expertise and advice
- Networking opportunities
- Business development training

Are you an owner-manager of an SME in operation with potential to grow? If the answer is YES, then take a serious look at the PLATO MD Programme.

Duration: 12 months. A commitment to attend three-hour group meeting, once a month, is requested. There will also be occasional evening seminars and/or workshops to attend.

A total programme fee of € 895,00 for participants residing in the Netherlands. This fee covers the full programme costs. (Because the MD programmes are meant for indigenous SMES for PLATO NL no registrants are possible outside The Netherlands)*

*) infosheet is in Dutch

Veel ideeën opgedaan
Problematieken van bedrijven stemmen voor 80% overeen. Veel nieuwe ideeën en inzichten opgedaan die meteen te gebruiken zijn in de praktijk.
Deelnemer Plato MD Programme
Een aanrader
Ik zat met de vraag wel of niet het exportpad op te gaan. Bij PLATO kreeg ik goeie adviezen van andere ondernemers. Dit is leren uit de praktijk en raad ik iedereen aan!
Deelnemer PLATO MD Programma
Leerzame ervaring
Ik heb veel kunnen doen met de vragen uit de groep en heb er zelf ook veel van opgestoken. Kortom, had het niet willen missen - een leerzame ervaring!
PLATO Business Coach